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The plant-based alternative to iron supplements

Iron-enriched spirulina is a natural alternative to iron supplements.

Why iron-enriched spirulina?

The iron from enriched spirulina can be absorbed at a rate equal to or greater than that of iron found in red meat. [1]

This iron intake is received particularly well by the body, resulting in none of the unwanted intestinal side effects (e.g., constipation, intestinal pain, or nausea) that are often associated with common allopathic treatments.

Moreover, iron-fortified spirulina treats not only the symptoms, but also the causes of anemia. The spirulina provides its energizing effect – while its enrichment also ensures that, at the suggested doses, more than 90% of one’s recommended daily intake of iron is met.

The benefits of iron-enriched spirulina

Iron-enriched spirulina offers many benefits to many different bodily organs – combining spirulina’s own advantages with those of iron.

  • In terms of its anti-anemic effect, the iron in enriched spirulina is easily absorbable by the body at a rate equal to that of the iron found in red meat.

The intake of iron has other notable beneficial effects as well – such as reducing fatigue, contributing to the proper functioning of the immune system, and helping to optimize the formation of red blood cells.

Who should take iron-enriched spirulina?

Iron-enriched spirulina is particularly recommended for those who suffer from or are at risk of iron deficiency. Among those who should prioritize iron-enriched spirulina supplementation are vegetarians, vegans, women, and teenagers.

The composition of iron-enriched spirulina

Just like conventional spirulina, iron-enriched spirulina is very rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and pigments.

However, it is 6 times richer in iron than conventional spirulina.

  • Iron: Enriched spirulina provides an intake of highly bioavailable iron – particularly suitable for those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets.
Now that I’m actually aware of what spirulina supplementation can do for me, I’ll never be able to go without it again. Astrid, Rhapsody in Green / Blogger

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