Iron, an essential mineral for our body

Iron, an essential mineral for our body


Iron is an essential mineral for the body to function properly. Essential for transporting oxygen to the muscles, it is the central atom in red blood cells. It is mainly provided by animal products, but also by certain plants, with digestibility varying according to the source. In fact, animal iron is generally better absorbed than plant iron, spirulina being the exception to the rule!

What's more, when enriched with iron, spirulina absorbs and utilizes more iron than beef[1]. Spirulina is enriched by the iron-enriched culture medium.


The best-known symptoms of iron deficiency are fatigue and paleness, but we can also observe poor thermal regulation and even cognitive and behavioral alterations due tochanges in certain neurotransmitters.

Dietary iron intake must meet the physiological losses observed on a daily basis. An imbalance in this balance may be due to insufficient dietary intake or excessive losses. These losses occur via urinary elimination, perspiration, hair loss and desquamation. For women, there are also losses due to menstruation, and for athletes, losses due to intestinal bleeding.

Women, athletes, vegetarians and vegans are all at particular risk of iron deficiency, both because of reduced intake and increased losses.

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Read the full testimonial from Astrid, blogger for "Rhapsody in Green". 

"...Algorigin asked me to test their Spirulina Ferparticularly concentrated in iron (it covers 92% of the RDA). It's important to know that following my anaemia, I was prescribed iron for 3 months. Except that iron supplements are very hard to digest and I only lasted 2 months out of the 3, so much it upset my digestive system. I chose to take Spirulina Fe for the third month... And I was right to do so, as my analyses returned to normal. And goodbye tummy aches!

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In the event of iron deficiency or anemia, dietary measures should be implemented. Consumption of red meat or pulses is particularly recommended, as is vitamin C. This vitamin promotes iron absorption by the body. This vitamin helps the body absorb iron. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid all sources of tannins and polyphenols (found in tea, coffee, etc.), which reduce iron absorption.

Consuming iron-enriched spirulina is a valid alternative to conventional treatments. What's more, consuming this natural iron avoids the digestive problems associated with traditional supplements.

Finally, spirulina's energizing properties, combined with its increased, easily-absorbed iron content, help restore energy, fatigue being one of the main symptoms of iron deficiency.

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Question:" Hello, I'm slightly anaemic and my doctor has advised me to eat more meat. I'm not a big fan of meat and find it hard to eat several times a week. Could Spirulina Iron be suitable in my case?"

Answer: "Spirulina Iron is perfect for you. Your doctor has advised you to eat meat because its iron is particularly well absorbed by the body (thanks to its particular shape). Our spirulina, unlike vegetable iron, has an absorption rate equivalent to that of meat, so it's optimal in your case."

Question: "Hello, I'm taking traditional iron supplements prescribed by my doctor because I'm very tired. Unfortunately, I suffer from many side effects (stomach ache and constipation mainly), which makes it difficult to take them. Does Spirulina Iron have the same effect on digestion?

Answer: "Spirulina Iron is a natural supplement with no digestive side effects. By consuming this product, you also benefit from all the advantages of traditional spirulina, which is a natural defatigant. Spirulina Iron is therefore particularly suitable for you.

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