The Montreux Trail Festival as seen by Algorigin ambassadors

The Montreux Trail Festival as seen by Algorigin ambassadors

We were at the Montreux Trail Festival this weekend to share with you this highlight of the Swiss Trail scene. Despite bad weather, 1,500 runners took to the trails on the Vaudoise Riviera. The routes were designed by Diego Pazos and Cédric Agassis, founders of the "Dénivelé positif" association behind the Montreux Trail Festival. In a convivial atmosphere, the volunteers enabled trailers to enjoy these festive races.

Algorigin was present at the trail village to presentSpirulina Elixir, a health solution particularly suited to athletes. Its ability to optimize recovery was appreciated by trailers.

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Our ambassadors were also present:


Founder of the event, Diego Pazos was on hand at the finish line to congratulate the finishers.

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Welcome to Arthur, new Algorigin ambassador. We congratulate him on his 1st place in the MXAlps (55Km, 4200mD+) and wish him a long and happy trail run!

I take Algorigin spirulina elixir before and during the race to combat fatigue and cramps, and pure spirulina during and after for faster recovery.


Despite his injury at the start of the season, Lawrence took part in the event as a volunteer.

The Montreux Trail Festival, a warm, family-friendly, festive event. This year's event features Algorigin, which blends in perfectly with the spirit and values of trail running.

Join us on July 25 and 26, 2020 for the 4th edition of the Montreux Trail Festival, a tour of the Vaud Alps.

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