PROFILE - Follow Anna as she conquers Mont Blanc

PROFILE - Follow Anna as she conquers Mont Blanc

After Kilimanjaro, Anna (micronutrition consultant for Algorigin) set her sights on Mont Blanc. At the end of August, she tackled the 2,500m of positive ascent that would enable her to reach the summit of the roof of Europe. Algorigin accompanied her on her ascent!

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ALGORIGIN: Why the crazy challenge of attempting Mont Blanc?

ANNA: I admit, the idea sounds a bit crazy, and it's true that such an adventure is not without risk. But since I climbed Kilimanjaro (5895 m) in 2011, climbing Mont Blanc (4810 m) has become a dream.

Lacking an opportunity beforehand, I set myself other challenges: my first marathon, in Toronto (2014), the 90 km Vasaloppet cross-country ski race (2016), the 300 km Vätternrundan bike race (2016). I'd almost forgotten about Mont Blanc! Until the day I moved to Geneva, right next to this mountain that fascinates me. It taunted me during my skiing vacations and weekend hikes! All of a sudden, the desire was awakened and I started to think seriously about it. In May, the plan took shape and I booked the dates (August 27 to 31) with a friend and mountain guide Stéphane Comte.

What motivates me is to see if I can do it and if I can surpass myself, that's the great satisfaction?

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A: How did you prepare?

A: I'd heard that you have to prepare for the Mont Blanc in the same way as for a half-marathon... My half-marathon last year should work in my favour!

Since the beginning of the year, I've continued to run twice a week and to go hiking at weekends. Despite a busy schedule this spring and summer, I've still managed to do the Salève about ten times and other beautiful nearby hikes: le Môle, le Plateau des Glières, les Voirons, la Tournette, le Grand Colombier, la Dôle and le Reculet... often adding water bottles to my backpack to weigh it down!

Unfortunately, I didn't train as hard as I would have liked. I like to be well prepared for the big day, but this time I had to do the best I could with the shape I was in!

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A: How did your week go?

A: Monday and Tuesday we're getting used to crampons and ice axe on the Mer de Glace in Chamonix and from Punta Hellbronner in Italy. Splendid days!

Wednesday is the first day of the climb, and we begin the ascent from the Nid d'Aigle at around 10:30 am (2372 m) to the Tête Rousse hut (3165 m), where we spend the night. It's a sunny start, but rain and thunderstorms await us on arrival. It's impressive to see the bad weather from the refuge!

Thursday, D-Day: After a very short night, we start our walk with headlamps at 6.15am. The weather is mild and very calm. We were a little nervous, however, as we approached the famous Goûter couloir up to the old refuge of the same name. These technical passages pass without a hitch. Arriving at the Refuge du Goûter, we empty our rucksacks as much as possible to climb lighter, as we'll be sleeping there that evening. At around 9 a.m., we start the last stage on the glacier towards the summit, slowly but surely, one step at a time. When you start coming across people who have already made the climb, it gives you hope.

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A: What were your impressions of the summit?

A: When the guide says: "Now we've got fifteen minutes left! I'm overcome with emotion, it's the moment I realize we're going to make it! But there's still a very steep, narrow passage where I'm concentrating solely on my steps and not on the beautiful view!

The arrival at the summit was a great relief and a great moment of happiness. From the "roof of Europe", I was able to admire the magnificent white plateau, Chamonix in the valley and the impressive massif with the Aiguille du Midi.
After 10 minutes, we headed back down to the Goûter refuge - a fast and very playful descent, almost in snow trail mode, where we took full advantage of the sensations and the panorama.

The descent to Tête Rousse is not without danger (rock falls due to the strong wind) and high adrenaline. The arrival in the valley was rained out. On the radio, all attempts on high-altitude summits are advised against. One more day and we wouldn't have been able to reach the summit!

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A: Which Algorigin products have made the climb with you?

A: A week before the climb, Tiphaine calls me: "Anna, I can't do Mont Blanc, I've got tendonitis". A bit shocked, I thought I'd suggest an algae cure. As soon as she arrived in Chamonix, I advised her to take 20 ml ofSpirulina Elixir and 4 tablets ofAFA Klamath a day to speed up her recovery.

Before and during the climb, I took Spirulina Iron (4 cp each morning), to help my body create red blood cells at altitude. In my camelbak, I mixed Spirulina Elixir with my exercise drink to speed up recovery, and drank it during and after the effort. To improve concentration, I also took Klamath AFA (2 capsules) during the week of the climb. (I had to concentrate to avoid taking a false step on the last ridge of the summit!)

Algorigin certainly helped! The proof: we both succeeded! 

A: Like Sophie Lavaud, Algorigin ambassador who has just completed her 8th 8000m after starting mountaineering with Mont Blanc in 2004, do you want to go higher now?

A: Never say never, but the highest mountains on the planet don't appeal to me at the moment - I'm too chicken! However, I do hope one day to hike Kungsleden in northern Sweden and climb Kebnekaise, the highest peak (2100 m). One day I'd also like to do the famous Inca Trail.


- Her age: 33
Nationality: Swedish
Sports: Running, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing

- You in 3 words: Curious, passionate, hard-working

Geneva, October 2018

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