Departure for humans of the alps project

Renaud Langel (Algorigin)

In March 2018, Renaud Langel, co-founder of Algorigin and sport expert joined Arnaud Cottet and Niko Sanz in the Dolomites for their new project “Humans of the Alps”. Flash back to this unusual adventure.

Text & Photos : Renaud Langel

When Arnaud introduced me to his new project “Humans of the Alps”, I straightly thought I had to be part of it. But with my busy professional life and a young kid, leaving at the last minute for a month long hike in the Alps, from Montreux to the Dolomites, was just a “child’s dream”. Whatever, we only live once! Couple of days later, I was in this incredible adventure with Algorigin’s strong support.

My plan was easy : 2 days of skiing in the area followed by 3 days to join Balzona located 40 km away. Theirs was a bit more complex : from Bolzano they had to join Austria, cross a part of the Austrian Alps to head to Les Grisons and kindly join Montreux in Switzerland, hundred kilometres far away.

I was lucky enough to join the last minute preparations making me feel I was there from the beginning. I enjoyed these magical moments where we discuss itineraries, plan our first steps, check the weather, snow forecast and our equipment to be sure to not forget anything. Simple but very special moments.

Ski touring track at the start of the Humans of the Alps project in San Pellegrino, Dolomites.
Departure from San Pellegrino, Dolomites


What is the project “Human of the Alps”?

The goal as described by Arnaud Cottet and Niko Sanz is to : “Cross the Alps by ski from San Martino in the Dolomites to Montreux and immortalize it with pictures and a travel diary based on all our encounters.

The story of our trip is coming soon on Algorigin website.

Back man taking a picture of a person on ski touring during the Humans of the Alps project.
Nikola Sanz immortalizes the moment


Arnaud Cottet downhill skiing during the Humans of the Alps project.
First curves after the first 700m of incline of a long trip. -Skier : Arnaud Cottet


Arnaud Cottet skiing during his Humans of the Alps project.
A glimpse at the magical atmosphere of the Dolomites. – Skier : Arnaud Cottet



Arnaud Cottet skiing downhill on a wall of snow during the Humans of the Alps project.
Arnaud enjoys beautiful hills in the area