Algorigin, an eco-friendly project

A solution for a healthier life and planet.

An eco-friendly project

We strongly believe that algae are part of the solution for a better life and a healthier planet. Algae grow naturally in all types of water and play an important role in their habitats.

The processes of cultivating and harvesting algae for human consumption are harmless to nature if performed correctly.

The consumption of algae based food supplements presents a natural alternative to chemical food supplements and non-renewable sources. Algae based food supplements are a healthier and more ecological choice, for people and for the planet.

Thanks to our search for quality and ecofriendly approaches, we have found and selected producers who cultivate algae and microalgae and respond to these criteria of quality and eco-friendliness.

From experience, we have realized that local production is not always the answer. The ecological footprint needs to be evaluated in a greater context. Our own regions and countries do not necessarily provide the best conditions for efficient algae and microalgae production. There are many new actors proposing local microalgae, but often they can only offer minimum quality and can only produce during a few months per year. Large-scale industrial farms also see the light but ecologically speaking they require very high levels of energy, especially for heating and cooling processes. The CO2 emissions of the last-mentioned, are significantly higher than those of Algorigin, whose productions are subject to more favorable conditions and for which the emissions are mostly associated with transport.

To limit our transports, the packing process of all our products is done in Switzerland.

To further limit our environmental impact, we have chosen a French-produced packaging in recyclable brown glass (for protecting our products from UV light).

Nature gives us solutions and we have developed a medical and ethical approach to bringing these solutions to you, while respecting nature.

— G. & R. Langel

Photo of Renaud Langel and Arnaud Cottet on a footbridge.
Person in an aeroplane looking through the window at a mountain landscape.
Aerial photo of a river in Alaska.

3% for a better life

To support and finance our ambassadors’ sports and environmental initiativeslies at the very heart of our business.

We also commit to support social projects, for instance, to support children and their education in developing countries.

3 % of our revenues are assigned to these causes.