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Do you experience dips in energy, leaving you feeling tired during the day? Do you feel exhausted? Are you suffering from chronic fatigue?
A 100% natural energy support can help.

The quantity and quality of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients we consume, play a crucial role in determining our energy levels. Nowadays, the quality of our food is far from ideal: intensive agriculture, soil depletion, harvesting of veggies before ripeness, and transport of goods over increasingly longer distances – all contribute to a reduction in nutrient quality in foods. Due to our modern diet and intense life styles, deficiencies occur which in turn influence our general wellbeing and being in shape daily.


Natural solutions exist however, with no side-effects nor risk to overdose.

Spirulina to regain energy
Spirulina is recognized for its concentration of proteins, its unparalleled richness in vitamins and minerals such as Chrome, Magnesium, Selenium, Iron…. and its polyunsaturated fatty acid content. It also contains all the amino acids. This is why Spirulina has the power to treat deficiencies and gain in energy.

Spirulina combined with Maca for an extra boost
Maca is an adaptogenic herb from Peru. Cultivated at over 4000m altitude, it has been consumed for centuries as a tonic. Maca allows a quick revival of vitality. By combining maca with spirulina, it is possible to tone quickly and also fight against fatigue in the long term.

AFA Klamath for a mental wellbeing
AFA Klamath plays a role in the treatment of psychological tiredness. As it contains natural phenylethylamine (PEA), also called “the molecule of love and joy”, AFA Klamath can help activate the reward pathways within the brain by releasing neurotransmitters. Studies have validated its ability to balance the mood naturally, as well as its positive effect during both mood dips and longer-lasting depressions. As a 100% natural solution for mental wellbeing, this algae does not cause addiction nor drowsiness side-effects.

Algae – a natural effective solution for more energy every day

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