Do you suffer from allergies in the springtime ? Do you always get sick in the wintertime ? Find out which seaweeds are recommended for your immune system.


Boosting your immune system

Suffering from spring allergies? Falling ill easily from microbes? Continuously suffering from winter viruses?

Balancing your immune system in a natural way can help.

Our immunity system is in a state of alert on a daily basis, facing threats to our bodies. The presence of bacteria or viruses in the body, a cut or a wound of the skin, the presence of pollens in the ambient air – all require a reaction of our immune system.

Phycocyanine to balance the immune system
Phycocyanine is a blue pigment extracted from Spirulina, stored as a concentrate in liquid form. It acts as an excellent modulator of the immune system, by balancing the functioning of the immunity in both directions. Namely, in winter when epidemics are on the rise, phyocyanine stimulates the immune system for protection. Conversely, during seasonal spring and summer allergies, phycoyanine helps to calm calms the immune response of the body thus reducing its symptoms.

AFA Klamath to stimulate stem cell production
AFA Klamath helps mobilize immune cells and stem cell production, which are used by the body to repair damaged tissues. Hence it protects the body by reducing the risk of skin infection, for example in case of cuts or other wounds.

Algae, a natural and effective solution to balance your immune system.

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