Does it feel like your brain is slowing down ? Do you encounter difficulty in dealing with stress ? There are things that you can do, discover our solutions

Mood balance

Keep your brain in tip-top shape

Stressed? Sensitive to seasonal depression? Going through mood swings? Having difficulty staying focused? You have just given birth and suffer from depression?

Natural mental support and protection of your brain can help.

As our lifestyles become more active, or as exams approach, we become exposed to stress that can impact our body’s health:
“Exam stress”, “seasonal depression”, “babyblues” etc.

In order to better manage these states, the brain must be at its best. However, during stress our brain undergoes oxidation, which is seen as aging, causing annoying discomfort.

It is therefore essential to protect the brain by nourishing it daily with antioxidant molecules.

AFA Klamath for psychological well-being
AFA Klamath is rich in natural phenylethylamine (PEA). This molecule is called “the hormone of joy and love”, and it allows the release of chemicals involved in well-being and in the reward circuit. It makes PEA a guarantee of a stable mood and a better ability to concentrate.

AFA Klamath is a help to regain mental vitality in case of depression, seasonal depression, postpartum…

Being an algae, AFA Klamath is a natural solution for mood balance with no risk of drowsiness nor addictive side-effects.

Astaxanthin to protect the brain from ageing
Natural Astaxanthin is one of the only antioxidants to enter the meninges through the bloodstream. This red pigment has a super powerful antioxidant activity within our brain to protect it from too much demand, stress and free radicals. It limits the impact of time on our intellectual abilities and protects the brain in case of significant stress.

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