Do you want to boost your performance ? Do you need help with your recovery after sports or injuries? If so, then algae supplementation is what you need !


Boost your recovery period

Have you just had an injury: tendinitis, fracture, muscle tear? Had to undergo surgery recently and want to recover better?

Boosting your cell reparation naturally can help.

During an injury or surgery, the body’s repair mechanisms are put into action to quickly treat the damage to the body. In order to maximize recovery, the intake of natural and targeted molecules supports the anti-inflammatory and healing processes.

AFA Klamath for its ability to repair
AFA Klamath promotes mobilization of stem cells and their amount. The stem cells initially stored in the bone marrow, move into the blood at the site of an injury and turn into new tissues to repair. These healthy stem cells are integrated into the damaged tissue and multiply. As an example, stem cells are transformed into bone cells to repair a fracture, into a muscle cells to repair a muscle tear, or into skin cells to repair a wound.

It is interesting to note that AFA Klamath, is an algae rich in natural PEA (phenylethylamine) called “molecule of joy and love”. It allows the activation of reward pathways within the brain via the release of neurotransmitters. Studies have validated its ability to balance the mood naturally and its positive impact during recovery.
Being a 100% natural solution for psychological well-being,.AFA Klamath does not cause drowsiness nor addiction.

Phycocyanin for its anti-inflammatory capacity
Phycocyanine is a blue pigment extracted from Spirulina, stored as a concentrate in liquid form. In parallel with conventional treatments, phycocyanin helps to limit pain caused by injury or surgery.

Algae – a natural and effective solution for cell reparation.

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