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Preparation, performance & recovery

Do you need optimal physical preparation? Looking to improve your performance? In need for a natural dietary supplement to support you throughout your physical activity?
Looking to optimize your recovery after an exercise?

Integrating a natural supplementation into your training plan can help.

To improve long-term sports results, it is important to provide vitamins and minerals in a tailored and sufficient quantity, both before and during the exercise. We know that preparing for a competition also means taking care of the time after the exercise, paying attention to the recovery phase. According to the principle of the metabolic window, supplementation taken within 30 minutes after the physical exercise will ensure optimal support of micronutrients for the muscle.

Spirulina combined with maca to tone the body
Spirulina is particularly rich in vitamins and minerals. Its complete proteins provide all the amino acids essential to the body to improve performance and muscle building.
Maca is a root originating from Peru, known for its toning abilities. The combination of spirulina and maca allows a visible revival of vitality.

Phycocyanin against inflammations and oxidation
The blue pigment extracted from Spirulina, in concentrated and liquid form, has natural anti-inflammatory effects recognized by athletes. It allows an action similar to EPO (erytropoietin). Especially well absorbed in liquid form, phycocyanin increases the number of circulating red blood cells and therefore the oxygenation of muscles, a determining factor in the pursuit of sports goals. As the muscle energy release is dependent on its level of oxygenation, more oxygenated muscles increase their capacity for contraction and endurance.

Phycocyanin in extracted and liquid form also has a natural anti-inflammatory power. In parallel with conventional treatments, it also helps to reduce muscle soreness after the exercise.

Lithotamn to limit the appearance of muscle stiffness and cramps
Lithotamn is an algae rich in calcium and minerals. It reduces the acidity of the body, thus regulating the pH level of the body and eventually limiting muscle contractures and cramps during and after exercise.

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