How to recognize a good quality spirulina?

Very fashionable for several years, the purchase of spirulina must be done with the greatest caution. Indeed, many actors take advantage of this craze to propose a spirulina of very bad quality, even algae which look like spirulina but which are not, and whose consumption can be very dangerous for the health.

1. Information on the composition of the product

The terms "spirulina", "spirulina", "spirulina cyanophycea", "Spirulina platensis" or "Arthrospira platensis" must be written on the label and guarantee the quality of the product. The rate of spirulina in the tablets must be higher than 98% and the product must not contain any preservative or coloring. The granulated or powdered forms must contain 100% spirulina.

2. Visual aspect of good spirulina

Spirulina should have a nice dark green, matte color.
A bright color indicates that the spirulina has been ground, compacted and covered with a layer of binder to prevent it from falling apart again.
The package should contain little dust. The presence of dust also indicates that the spirulina has been atomized and then compacted, thus losing some of its nutritional qualities.

3. Smell of good spirulina

This algae has a particular smell, but it should not be unpleasant. A strong smell indicates that the oxidation rate is high and that the product is degraded.

4. Dissolution

The rate of dissolution of spirulina must be:
- neither too fast, so that the product passes through the stomach and releases its active ingredients into the intestine, where they can be absorbed by our body
- nor too slow, because in this case, the product will be only weakly absorbed during its digestive journey. The nutrients contained in the product will be absorbed by our body in smaller quantities.

For an effect on health, it is therefore important to choose a good spirulina.

5. Digestion of spirulina

The first days, spirulina can in rare cases cause slight gas. This is why it is advisable to proceed with a progressive dosage of the product. The presence of too much gas is generally an indication of a product of inferior quality or degraded.

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