Chlorella, also called chlorella, is a green algae cultivated in fresh water, unicellular. Like spirulina, it is rich in vitamins, iron, minerals, proteins and trace elements but has the particularity of being very concentrated in chlorophyll.

Used for thousands of years in Japan, it is now a food of national interest for its health and nutritional value. 

Chlorella is recognized by health professionals for its high bioavailability, its strong absorption by the body and its role as a "Superfood".

At the time of preparation, the cell membrane of the seaweed is opened according to a patented process in order to offer a digestibility rate higher than 80% while preserving the acid principles of the micronutrients. 

Organic chlorella is rich in vitamin B12, which makes it the supplement of choice for people wishing to supplement their daily nutritional intake, such as vegans, vegetarians or people with low meat consumption. 

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    The history of chlorella

    Green algae appeared on Earth more than 2 billion years ago, it is formed by a single spherical cell. It owes its color to the chlorophyll (pigment of photosynthesis) that it contains in exceptional quantity.
    The origin of Chlorella
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    Composition of chlorella

    It is a superfood containing all the vitamins, minerals and proteins, which stands out for its richness in chlorophyll.
    Chlorella composition
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    The benefits of chlorella

    Chlorella is rich in vitamin B12 and iron which give it its functions. Discover the benefits of chlorella in cure.
    The benefits of Chlorella
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    What dosage for chlorella ?

    Studies conducted on chlorella highlight the presence of a large number of amino acids (components of proteins) as well as the presence of vitamin B12, which can be assimilated to an adequate and natural food supplementation for vegetarians and vegans. You want to make a cure of chlorella? Discover the dosage of chlorella in detail.
    Chlorella dosage
Organic Chlorella
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