Iron deficiency program

The iron deficiency program is designed to strengthen the body’s iron reserves.

The program proposed by our micronutrient specialists helps to fight against iron deficiencies in a natural and vegetable way.

Program content for 3 months of supplementation: 3 vials of 120 tablets of Spirulina Iron + 1 micronutrition advice sheet


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The advantages of the iron deficiency program

The combination of 3 vials of Spirulina Iron allows an optimal treatment duration of 3 months in order to strengthen the body’s iron reserves.

Spirulina enriched in iron

Iron-enriched spirulina has the ability to strengthen the formation of cells dedicated to storing iron in the body. As well absorbed as that of red meat, its iron does not cause any side effects such as constipation, nausea or intestinal pain.

Algorigin programs

The programs offered by Algorigin are designed to suit everyone. However, they do not replace the advice of your doctor or a specialist.

Consulting meeting included in the program:
You benefit from a telephone consultation appointment with one of our micro nutritionists to accompany you throughout the program.

How many to take?

Micronutrition advice

Iron deficiency lasts 3 months according to the following dosage:

4 tablets/day

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