Post-Partum Pack

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The Pack Post-Partum was conceived for the women after the childbirth. It associates the food complements Spirulina Iron and AFA Klamath. These algae are rich in iron and vitamin B12. Together they contribute to : 

  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Normal psychological functions.
  • Normal functions of energy metabolism.
  • Normal cognitive functions.

AFA Klamat and Spirulina Iron are particularly dense in vitamins, minerals and trace elements and offer multiple benefits.

Coming from a natural and vegetal process in exceptional cultivation places, we guarantee a high quality and environmentally friendly solution. 

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This pack contains:
AFA Klamath BIO 3 × AFA Klamath
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Organic Spirulina Iron: tablets 2 × Spirulina Iron
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Micronutrition advice

Spirulina IRON : 4 tablets / day

AFA Klamath : 3 capsules / day

Every day, with a glass of water or fruit juice.
Duration: 60 days

No addiction or drowsiness.
For all women, including nursing mothers.

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Not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet - Keep out of reach of young children - Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Composition of the Post-Partum Pack

The Post-Partum Pack is designed to support you during this special time:

Composition Spirulina Iron

Spirulina Iron is a natural, plant-based, organic dietary supplement rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and is the ideal solution for iron deficiency symptoms such as fatigue. Spirulina-based food supplements are recommended by health professionals if you're looking for an iron cure.

99.8% Iron-rich Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), 0.2% Magnesium silicate

Content 100g 4 cp = 2g % RDA
Energy value 388.6 Kcal / 1644 KJ 7.77 Kcal / 32.88 KJ -
Protein 65.01 g 1.3 g -
Lipids 6.32 g 0.13 g -
Carbohydrates 17.93 g 0.36 g -
Iron 650 mg 13 mg 93%

* Recommended Daily Allowance

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A dietary supplement based on Spirulina, a micro-algae rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet - Keep out of reach of young children - Do not exceed recommended daily dose - In case of iron deficiency, a spirulina cure can be established until a normal blood count is received.

Composition AFA Klamath

Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA), vegetable cellulose capsule

Amount per daily dose (4 gel) Values [1.6g] RDA* %.
Protein 0.99g -
Vitamin B12 4.62μg 115.5%

* Recommended Daily Allowance

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Food supplement based on AFA Klamath

Not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet - Keep out of reach of young children - Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



    Contributes to normal psychological functions (vitamin B12).

    Blue algae dense in natural phenylethylamine (PEA)

    Dense in micronutrients for the tissues.


    Iron resource.

    Spirulina FER 6 times richer in iron than spirulina.

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