Maca Spirulina 240 tablets

The daily supplement with energizing capabilities

Algorigin maca spirulina is an all-natural synergy that provides you with every single vitamin, plus many minerals. Spirulina helps combat nutritional deficiencies and offers a boost of energy, which is optimized by maca’s energizing properties.

  • Boosts sexual vitality
  • Promotes female and male fertility
  • Promotes hormonal modulation
  • Boosts overall energy levels


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Top-quality maca & spirulina

What makes algorigin maca spirulina so exceptional ?

Cultivated in exceptional locations

Algorigin maca spirulina benefits from optimal cultivation conditions in the heart of the andes mountains of ecuador (spirulina) and peru (maca).

A carefully crafted blend

Spirulina and maca are brought together in dosages that optimize the benefits of each.

Controlled extraction

Drying methods that have been optimized to preserve the beneficial properties of both spirulina and maca.

An optimal synergy

The combination of spirulina and maca maximizes their respective benefits and enables fast, visible results.

Our usage recommendations


Algorigin maca spirulina can be taken whenever one seeks a boost of intellectual and/or sexual vitality.

The dosage guidelines are adaptable to your lifestyle – what is important is that you take your algorigin maca spirulina on a consistent daily basis.

Not recommended for patients suffering from tachycardia.

For everyone:

6 to 10 tablets per day for treatments of 1-3 months, repeated throughout the year


Ingredients : 99.8% spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), 0.2% magnesium silicates (anti-caking agent)

Per daily dose (10 tab) Amount (5g) % DV*
Protein 1.96 g
Glucid 2.35 mg
Iron 2.63 mg 19 %
Vitamin B12 0.36 μg 14.5 %
β-carotene (provitamin A) 4.48 mg

* Reference intake

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The benefits of maca spirulina

Combining spirulina and maca brings about a synergy of action. Featuring every vitamins plus many minerals, spirulina with maca has many beneficial effects :

Boosts sexual vitality

Promotes female and male fertility

Promotes hormonal modulation

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