Algorigin, the swiss specialist in algae and microalgae

Algorigin – a simple, natural, and effective solution for a healthier life.

The Algorigin project

We believe that nature has provided us what is best for our everyday health and well-being.

In our search for solutions that complement allopathic medicine, we quickly discovered the global nutritional importance of algae and microalgae – both now and in the future – as an effective, simple, natural, and ecological path towards living healthier lives.

Extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients, algae represent a natural and complete solution that allows us to offset our nutritional deficiencies while also respecting our planet.

Surrounded by environmental engineers, we carefully select the best farms for the cultivation and production of algae – in order to guarantee both product quality and respect for the Earth and the people who work there.  We are also guided by a team of doctors and nutritionists throughout the process, enabling us to ensure optimal selection and usage of Algorigin products.

Nature gives us solutions and we have developed a medical and ethical approach to bring these solutions to you, while respecting nature.

— G. & R. Langel

Why choose Algorigin ?


The quality choice

We offer only the best products – scientifically validated and controlled from the beginning to the end of the production chain.  Our medical team works daily to offer you the best algae and the best guidance.


The choice for transparency

An ethical approach, including honest communication regarding the benefits and usage guidelines of our different algae products.


The environmentally responsible choice

By their very nature, algae are a solution for a healthier planet.  We go beyond this by doing everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint.

Why algae?


A 100% natural solution

Eating a healthy and balanced diet, without depleting our planet’s natural resources, has become one of the great challenges of our times.  For more than 3.5 billion years, however, the Earth has offered us a solution: algae.

Good for your health

Health is one of the most important factors in living a happy life.

Modern-day lifestyles often result in health problems, particularly those related to nutritional deficiencies caused by unbalanced diets, stress, or intense or excessive physical activity.

Even when eating a balanced diet, it can be extremely difficult to avoid nutrient deficiencies nowadays, due to the depletion of nutrients from food before it reaches our plates – a direct result of intensive agriculture that depletes soils, as well as the poor diet and overmedication of livestock.

Algae and microalgae, which are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients, are a natural and complete solution to this problem.  Algae have been demonstrating their nutritional benefits for centuries already – benefits that have now been validated by numerous studies.


Good for the planet

In contrast to chemical or animal-based supplements, the cultivation of algae is not harmful to nature – yet it offers nutritional benefits that are just as significant.  Algae and microalgae are considered among the best solutions for combatting malnutrition because, in addition to being extremely nutrient-rich, they offer excellent yields – Spirulina, in particular, yields 20 times as much as soy while using four times less water.

Why nutritional supplements?

A few capsules a day represent a simple and effective way to compensate for the deficiencies caused by our modern-day lifestyles.

Algae are so rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that regularly consuming them enables one to balance an otherwise deficient diet.

However, it is not always easy to consume algae and microalgae on a daily basis – due to both a lack of access and the fact that their unique flavors are not always to everyone’s tastes. The majority of our products thus come in the form of tablets or capsules. You can also find liquids for concentrated extracts, as well as powder or granules for those who prefer them.