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The power of algae supplements

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Recommended by professionals

"I've tested many Algorigin products and they all have a considerable effect."

Sofia Meakin

Swiss rowing champion

"I use Spirulina Elixir as a cure 3 times a year. It gives me a real boost to keep me in shape all year round".

Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon

professional ultra-trail runner, 9th UTMB 2023

"The sports pack is great for feeling fit, full of energy before and after sports efforts."

Léa Stern

Swiss cycling champion

With thousands of happy customers, here's what some of them are saying

Danielle B.

Verified Buyer

Algorigin's Organic Iron Spirulina is a must-have for me. I can't always get enough iron in my diet, and chemical supplements didn't work for me.

2 months ago

Natasha B.

Verified Buyer

Following hair loss, my doctor recommended Algorigin Spirulina Zinc to me. I am delighted with the result. After a few weeks, I already see a change, my hair and skin are in excellent health.

3 weeks ago

Philippe T.

Verified Buyer

A very good product, pleasant to drink, good for athletes. I can only recommend it and it's already been 6 bottles.

3 weeks ago

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Find out which nutrients and supplements are right for you, get advice tailored to your lifestyle, and follow a personalized cure that's entirely dedicated to you.

From the purest places on earth

Algorigin Swiss food supplements are made from carefully selected algae in their natural environment. Our team travels the world to find the purest places, where each algae originates. This means that seaweed is not cultivated under artificial conditions, which can help preserve its nutrients, freshness and natural quality.

From the farmer to your door

Algorigin builds relationships directly with seaweed farms around the world.

This also enables us to trace every Algorigin production batch. All products are verified by laboratory analysis, and you can request these results from our team.

This approach enables us to offer the freshest products, avoiding intermediaries, and guaranteeing the highest quality for our products.

100% natural and preservative-free

At Algorigin, we set high standards for every one of our products. We firmly believe that natural food supplements for you and your family's health should never contain unnecessary preservatives, flavourings or other artificial excipients. As a result, we are proud of the quality of the products we offer, and consume them regularly.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why choose Algorigin Swiss food supplements?

At Algorigin, our food supplements are carefully crafted. Our supplements are natural and organic, so we can offer you exceptional solutions. We select the best cultivation sites and produce our seaweed in its natural, original environment, so that it retains maximum nutrients. We work in an eco-responsible way to minimize our impact on the planet. We are committed to the quality of our products!
A dietary supplement is a foodstuff whose purpose is to complement the normal diet and support your health needs by providing a concentrated source of nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals or trace elements). Food supplements can be marketed in a variety of dosage forms: capsules, tablets, sticks, powders or liquids. Algorigin food supplements are 100% natural and made from healthy algae.
The term nutraceutical refers to all substances extracted from foods, from a part of a food, a vitamin, a mineral or a plant that exert a positive effect on health. The term nutraceutical is a relatively recent development, combining the words "nutrient" and "pharmaceutical". Food supplements are considered nutraceuticals.
Dietary supplements are designed to provide vitamins and minerals to support a particular daily diet and lifestyle.

The need for dietary supplements depends on your lifestyle, biological requirements and diet.

Certain populations have particular needs in terms of supplementation.

  • For example, pregnant or breast-feeding women have greater nutritional needs for certain nutrients, such as folic acid, iron or omega 3 DHA.
  • Another example is the elderly, who may have difficulty absorbing certain nutrients, leading to deficiencies. Vitamin D, vitamin B12 and calcium supplements are sometimes recommended for this population.

  • Food supplements are not intended to replace a normal, balanced diet. They can complement, but not replace, a normal diet.