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Who we are

We are convinced that nature already provides us with the very best for our daily health and well-being.

In our search for complementary solutions to allopathic medicine, we quickly discovered the importance of algae and micro-algae in today's and tomorrow's global nutrition, as an effective, simple, natural and ecological means to a healthier life.

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Advantage of ordering with Algorigin

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The choice of quality

We offer only the best products, scientifically validated and controlled from start to finish. Our medical team works hard every day to offer you the best seaweed products and the best advice.

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The choice of transparency

Honest communication on the benefits and indications of the various products.

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The choice of eco-responsibility

By their very nature, algae are a solution for a healthier planet. That's why we do everything we can to optimize our carbon footprint.


Quality is at the heart of our concerns, and we apply very strict conditions in the creation of our healthcare solutions.

We choose preserved cultural sites

Because they have the capacity to absorb all the properties of their environment, we have selected farms with exceptional growing conditions, in terms of air purity and sunshine quality.

We use patented processing methods

Just like the environment, the cultivation, processing and packaging methods required by Algorigin are decisive in guaranteeing the quality and efficacy of health solutions. .

We ensure the implementation of quality controls

We monitor the quality of our seaweed through quality controls carried out throughout the process. Algorigin Spirulina has been Ecocert-certified since 2006, a control and certification body for organically grown products.

Transparency and ethics

We can make a difference. Discover Algorigin's commitments.


We promise to be transparent and ethical in the way we work.

A simple promise, but one that takes on great importance in a world where miracle pills abound, labels multiply, the origin of ingredients is difficult to trace and therapeutic claims are not always scientifically validated.

Our commitment translates into honest communication of the scientific and medical information we have on the various products we offer.



We ensure that our employees and partners work under respectable conditions and receive fair remuneration.

We surround ourselves with people who share our values, and make every effort to ensure that they are respected at every stage of the production chain.

Algorigin, an eco-responsible project

A solution for a healthier life and planet.

Algae are a solution for a healthier life and a healthier planet. They grow naturally on every aqueous surface of the globe, contributing to its biotope.

Growing or harvesting seaweed for consumption is not harmful to nature if done correctly.

The consumption of seaweed-based food supplements is the most environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical supplements or supplements from non-renewable sources for a healthier population.

In our quest for quality products combined with eco-responsible approaches, we have selected producers who cultivate algae and micro-algae according to precise criteria, with respect for the planet.

After a great deal of research, we realized that local production is not always the answer. In fact, the ecological footprint needs to be considered as a whole.

Our regions often don't offer the optimum conditions for growing algae and micro-algae. Most of the new players offering "local" microalgae ensure minimum quality standards and can only produce for a few months of the year. Alternatively, huge industrial-scale operations are springing up, but with poor environmental credentials due to cumbersome production structures and high energy requirements, particularly for heating and cooling. The CO2 emissions of the latter are far higher than those of Algorigin production in more favourable climates, where the bulk of emissions are linked to transport.

To further reduce our transport volumes, we carry out all our packaging in Switzerland.

And to further limit our environmental impact, we have opted for brown glass packaging (guaranteeing the UV barrier needed to preserve our products) and manufactured in France.