Iron deficiency pack

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Iron✓ deficiency

The Iron Deficiency Pack helps treat and prevent iron deficiency, thanks to a complete course of organic Spirulina Iron.

Rich in iron, the Iron Deficiency Pack helps:

  • Reducefatigue
  • Form red blood cells andhemoglobin

Spiruline Fer BIO is a dietary supplement 6 times richer in iron than conventional spirulina. This iron is highly assimilable (as much as the haem iron in red meat), has no side effects and helps combat or prevent iron deficiency. 

Coming from a natural and vegetal process in exceptional cultivation places, we guarantee a high quality and environmentally friendly solution. 

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The Iron Deficiency Pack contains : 
3 x Organic Spirulina Iron
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Micronutrition advice

Spirulina Iron: 4 tablets / day

With a glass of water or fruit juice.
Duration of treatment: 3 months

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Not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet - Keep out of reach of young children - Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



    Spirulina Iron is naturally enriched with iron in its culture medium.

    Zinc helps maintain energy metabolism.

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