The benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella’s main function is suppressing our body’s heavy metals and other toxic products – which is why it is typically used for detoxification treatments. It helps purify the body from all types of toxins.

Discover the benefits of Chlorella in greater detail below:


1.  Chlorella’s detoxification effect

Heavy metals are present in our environment and can settle in our bodies. Intoxication from these metals is one of the causes of chronic fatigue. Chlorella helps capture chemical elements [1] (e.g., heavy metals, hydrocarbons) and eliminate them via the digestive system thanks to the structure of its membrane and components.


2. Chlorella’s antioxidant effect

Oxidation due to the formation of free radicals is a cause of cellular aging, and this physiological phenomenon can become pathological if it happens at too significant a rate. Chlorella, in environments where it is present, is capable of limiting oxidation. This anti-aging potential has likewise been demonstrated in certain connective tissue cells (fibroblasts). Chlorella has thus been described as an antioxidant food that can benefit human health with the capacity to protect against oxidative stress and cancer.

Chlorella vulgarismay, on the same basis, help counter the diseases and mortality rates that are associated with smoking.


3. Chlorella and the blood profile

A good balance of blood lipids is among the notable indicators of good health. Certain Chlorella extracts are capable of modulating the levels of our blood lipids [2], and Chlorella is thus a recognized supplement for improving hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

4. Chlorella and the immune system

The immune system protects our body from attacks to which it is subjected. Several studies on Chlorella have demonstrated its immunostimulant effect [3], as it activates the production of molecules that are responsible for immune response.

Chlorella can thus be regarded as playing an anti-fatigue and anti-depressant role, as well as increasing physical endurance. Chemopreventive and bioprotective effects have also been demonstrated in Chlorella. It can help prevent atopic dermatitis as well.

Other capabilities of Chlorella that have been demonstrated include the following:

  • It helps improve physical and cognitive symptoms of depression, as well as symptoms of anxiety, in patients receiving a standard antidepressant treatment. [4]
  • It can be a favorable hepatoprotective [5] supplement for patients suffering from non-alcoholic hepatosis, and is known to improve the condition of patients suffering from COPD.


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