Crossing Switzerland or how Diego Pazos wants to cross Switzerland in 120 hours!

Crossing Switzerland or how Diego Pazos wants to cross Switzerland in 120 hours!

Diego is the flag-bearer for the Swiss delegation at the 2018 Ultra trail world championships held in Spain at the beginning of May. But above all, he's a lover of Switzerland who, thanks to the Montreux Trail Festival and this new challenge - Crossing Switzerland - wants to showcase his country and its mountains and inspire everyone to venture there.


Crossing Switzerland's figures are dizzying:

  • 420km through 6 cantons
  • 14 passes in the Swiss Alps
  • 17 peaks, 2 of which are over 2500m high
  • 26,000 metres of ascent

All this in less than 120 hours, in one go (day and night) and without a stopover.

To give you an idea, a hiker usually covers this route through Switzerland, between Vaduz and Lausanne, in 22 days!

Diego Pazos' journey through the Swiss Alps

26,000 metres of ascent


A native of Lausanne, he is committed to keeping the Swiss trail alive. Co-organizer of the Montreux Trail Festivalwhich takes place at the end of next week, he wants to offer a new way of seeing his beautiful country.

Thanks to this unique project, he is committed to promoting the values he holds dear, such as surpassing oneself, respect for the environment and sharing his favorite sport, while setting a benchmark time for the course. In this way, he hopes to inspire his supporters to challenge him and discover new horizons that are still little known to runners.

At Algorigin, we'll all be behind Diego to encourage him in the accomplishment of this unique project, and maybe even by your side if you decide to follow in his footsteps between Vaduz and Lausanne!

Discover the interview with Diego Pazos and Maxime Grenot.

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