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Discover our collection of Spirulina, a superfood with exceptional benefits! At Algorigin, we offer natural food supplements based on organic Spirulina, grown in the purest environments at altitudes of over 2,500m. Our Spirulina, rich in essential nutrients such as iron, offers a medically-supported solution for strengthening your body. Discover the benefits of organic Spirulina, grown with care in Switzerland. Discover our collection of Spirulina Iron, Spirulina Zinc, Spirulina Immunity or Spirulina Maca. Opt for a natural source of well-being with Algorigin. Explore our Spirulina range now and enjoy its many benefits for your body.

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Spirulina: the ultimate natural multivitamin supplement

Spirulina is a nutritious blue-green algae packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Considered a superfood, this micro-organism has been consumed for centuries because of its exceptional nutritional value. This makes it a popular supplement for improving metabolism, vitality and health. Don't underestimate the many benefits of Spirulina!

Spirulina's unique ability lies in its capacity to absorb nutrients from its environment. That's why it's essential to grow it in a pristine, uncontaminated environment. When grown in pure, nutrient-rich water, spirulina becomes a concentrate of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, giving it optimum health benefits. Follow our advice on dosage, which you can find on each product sheet.

Find out all about Spirulina !

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How do I know which spirulina to take?

At Algorigin, we've made spirulina our speciality! To enjoy the benefits of its rich nutrients, our Swiss experts have developed various spirulina-based products enriched with specific vitamins and minerals to meet everyone's particular health needs.

Algorigin offers "classic" organic spirulina in tablet, powder or granule form, as well as 100% natural spirulina-based products to give you extra support in every situation:

  • Spirulina Iron: to fight iron deficiency without side effects. High absorption of iron by the body. Supports the formation of red blood cells. Ideal for vegetarians / vegans.
  • Spirulina Maca: for energy when you need it most. Fight fatigue with this stimulating supplement.
  • Spirulina Zinc: your natural solution for health, skin and nails. Acts against oxidative stress.
  • Spirulina Immuno+: boosts your immunity thanks to the 3-in-1 effect of vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc. Support your immune system!
  • Spirulina Elixir: for sport, recovery and maintaining muscle mass. The phycocyanin-based drink with a high vitamin B12 content.
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Algorigin: the Swiss leader in environmentally-friendly organic spirulina

With its widest range of spirulina-based products and high-quality ethical production, Algorigin has proved its superiority:

  • 100% natural and plant-based, Algorigin spirulina is grown at an altitude of over 2,500 metres in a protected nature reserve, guaranteeing a contamination-free environment. A Swiss supplement from organic farming!
  • Better assimilation of nutrients thanks to its natural cell structure.
  • Patented low-temperature air-drying technology protects the integrity of the spirulina's cell membrane, preserving all its vitamins and minerals.
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Need a more personalised approach to choosing the right food supplement for your health?

During the spirulina production process, we enrich this superfood with a carefully selected blend of essential vitamins and minerals to meet a wide range of health needs.

We understand that everyone's health needs are unique, which is why we offer a personalised solution. Take our health test to determine the dosage and the specific minerals and vitamins your body needs. Discover the ideal organic food supplement to complement your individual health journey.

Your well-being is our priority and we're here to help you achieve your health goals with the power of our food supplements. These supplements don't do everything, so remember to eat a healthy, balanced diet!

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What our customers say

Natasha B.

Verified Buyer

Following hair loss, my doctor recommended Algorigin Spirulina Zinc to me. I am delighted with the result. After a few weeks, I already see a change, my hair and skin are in excellent health.

3 weeks ago

Philippe T.

Verified Buyer

A very good product, pleasant to drink, good for athletes. I can only recommend it and it's already been 6 bottles.

3 weeks ago

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