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AFA Klamath Bio Refill Kit

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Mental energy - Concentration - Injury

AFA Klamath Bio food supplement in refill format for energy, stress and mental health:

  • Rich in vitamin B12
  • Supplement for tiredness and energy: supports the energy metabolism
  • Supplement for stress and anxiety : support the body's psychological functions
  • Support the nervous system
  • Supports the cell division process, essential for cell repair and healing.

Cultivated in the unique, nutrient-rich environment of Klamth Lake, Klamath seaweed dietary supplements are of the highest quality.

45 + 135 capsules 45 capsules 135 capsules
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The benefits of AFA Klamath Bio

AFA KlamathBio is a food supplement for stress, fatigue and mental health:

  • Rich in vitamin B12Klamath algae is particularly nutrient dense

  • Supplement for mental energy:Stimulates energy metabolism and reduces fatigue

  • Mental health supplement:Supports psychological functions

  • Maintain optimal operation of thenervous system

  • Support the process of cell division, essential forcellular repair and healing

Discover all the benefits of AFA Klamath


The best quality of 100% natural AFA Klamath: our difference

L'AFA Klamath naturalAlgorigin is a natural supplement for the mind of
exceptional quality, incomparable and truly unique on the market.
Our commitment topurityand high quality is at the heart of our

Growing naturally in Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA, our
AFA Klamath pureand organic benefits from a unique environment. Klamath Lake is
lined with several meters of sediment and fed by pure water,
from melting snow and ice from volcanic mountains
surroundings, at an altitude of 1,262 meters.

Since 1991, our partner has been harvesting and transforming this algae in a manner
responsible and respectful of the environment. He iscertified organic by
the OTCO.
The algae is carefully harvested then immediately frozen, ensuring
thus optimal quality. Each batch is tested and analyzed to ensure
the absence of microtoxins.

OURAFA Klamath Artisanaland organic is a natural supplement exceptionally rich in nutrients, recognized for its health benefits. Discover the Algorigin difference, the benchmark for high quality Klamath Organic AFA.

Discover more about Lake Kamath


How to take the AFA Klamath food supplement?

  • 3 capsules per day.
  • Recommended as a 3-month treatment, to be repeated several times a year.
  • Best taken in the morning.

AFA Klamath Algorigin is available in two formats: in a bottle of 45 capsules which lasts 15 days, or in a refill sachet of 135 capsules which lasts 1.5 months.

Precautions: People on anti-depressants, under medical advice.

Quantity per daily dose (3 capsules) Values (1.5g) % NRV*
Proteins 0.93 g -
Lipids 0.08 g -
Carbohydrates 0.28 g -
Vitamin B12 4.33 µg 173 %

Ingredients contained in our pure and organic AFA Klamath

Our food supplement AFA Klamath is a natural, vegan supplement that contains many nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, non-heme iron and vitamins.

Algorigin AFA Klamath is composed of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA), vegetable capsule

1 bottle = 45 capsules

Food supplement based on AFA Klamath. Does not replace a varied, nutritional and balanced diet - Keep out of reach of young children - Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


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