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Organic Spirulina refill (PRO)

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Organic Spirulina is rich in iron, protein and a source of vitamin B12 which helps to:

  • Reducing fatigue and energy metabolism
  • Normal immunesystem function
  • Red blood cell andhemoglobinformation
  • Maintain muscle mass

In its refill pack form, you save money while respecting nature,

Derived from a natural, plant-based process in exceptional growing locations, we guarantee a high-quality, sustainable solution.

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Many benefits for our organic Spirulina!

Rich in iron, vitamin B12 and protein

The dietary supplement Spirulina Bio Algorigin is a natural solution to support your daily diet and provide all the nutrients your body needs for energy, immunity and general health :

  • Energy supplement: Stimulate energy metabolism, energize the body and reduce fatigue

  • Complement for immunity: Support the immune system and immune defenses

  • Maintain and develop muscle mass

  • Maintain optimal oxygen transport throughout the body, supporting the production of red blood cells.

The best quality 100% natural spirulina: our distinctive difference

The natural spirulina from Algorigin is a treasure trove of exceptional, incomparable quality, truly unique on the market. Our commitment to purity and high quality is at the heart of our approach. Discover our Organic Spirulina Powder and our Spirulina in granule form.

Located in a preserved environment, far from any urban pollution, our Spirulina Switzerland thrives at an altitude of 2,500m, in the heart of the mountains of Ecuador, enjoying the benefits of pure water and natural sunlight. It's in this pristine environment that we passionately cultivate our Algorigin Organic Spirulina.

What sets us apart from all other Spirulina on the market is our innovative and patented production method. Our low-temperature air-drying technology preserves the integrity of Spirulina's cell membrane, restoring its rich vitamin and mineral content intact.

At Algorigin, our commitment to pure resources and state-of-the-art technology make our organic spirulina an exceptional product, a real nutritional nugget. Discover the Algorigin difference, the benchmark for pure spirulina and high-quality organic spirulina.


How to take the food supplement Spirulina Bio?

  • 6 to 10 tablets per day.
  • Recommended as a supplement all year round.
  • The tablets can all be taken at the same time, at any time of the day, with or without a meal.

Algorigin Spirulina is available in two formats: in a bottle of 240 tablets which lasts 40 days, or in a refill bag of 1000 tablets which lasts 5.5 months.

Precautions: Avoid taking spirulina in combination with anticoagulant medication. For children, dosage may need to be adapted. Please consult our team of nutritionists for personalized advice.

Quantity per daily dose (10cp) Values (5g) % RDA*
Protein 3.25 g -
Iron 5.25 mg 39 %
Vitamin B12 0.72 µg 18 %

Ingredients contained in our Swiss Spirulina

Our artisanal Spirulina is a natural, vegan supplement containing numerous nutrients such as proteins, lipids, iron and vitamins.

Spiruline Bio Algorigin is composed of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)

Spirulina-based dietary supplement. Not a substitute for a varied, nutritional and balanced diet - Keep out of reach of young children - Do not exceed recommended daily dose. In the event of severe anaemia or iron deficiency, please take doses of iron-enriched Spirulina food supplements until your blood levels return to normal.

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