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Suivez Célia Karleskind dans sa course entre nutrition et sport

Célia Karleskind is the free spirit of our ambassadors! Always on all fronts, it was at the age of 4 that she put on skis for the first time. This native of Chamonix has since been collecting titles, first in cross-country skiing then in triathlon, marathon and trail running. She draws her boundless energy from her diet and her knowledge of micronutrition. Follow her to learn more about her!

A: Tell us a little about your background!
Célia: I was born and raised in Chamonix, to my greatest joy! I studied skiing at the college in Chamonix then I went to high school, still studying skiing in Fayet.

A: How long have you been doing sports? What sports did you play when you were little?
C: I've been doing sports since I was 4-5 years old, I started by winning the MINI VASA, a cross-country ski race, then I took up gymnastics and then I came back to cross-country skiing.

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A: How and when did you realize you had a talent for cross-country skiing? Why did you choose this discipline?
C: I chose this discipline because my two older brothers did it. So I preferred to stop going to the gym. But if my mother had put me on the piano I would surely have played the piano! I don't know if I had talent but in any case I liked going to training, being outside in contact with nature and meeting my friends! We were UNSS vice world champions in college by team, behind the Russians, I think that must have made me want to continue!

A: What is the fondest memory of your career as a high-level athlete?
C: Without a doubt, my title as French double pursuit champion and the party we had behind it!

A: Why did you stop this sport?
C: Following overtraining, I became exhausted and became less efficient. I couldn't stand not being in front anymore!

A: After experiencing it, would you have any advice to give to other athletes to avoid overtraining? Besides, did this play a role in your choice of profession?
C: To avoid overtraining, I advise favoring quality over quantity, and above all listening to ourselves because coaches do not live in our bodies and we are able to feel when the body and mind are working. exhaust.
Yes, it played a role because following this episode, it was Denis Riché who took care of me and referred me to micronutrition. What fascinated me and guided me in this choice of profession.

A: What sports do you play today?
C: I took up climbing, running, ski touring, downhill skiing and yoga.

A: Tell us a little about the CCC (01/09/2017), you placed 26th in your category!
C: A perfect RACE! I had fun throughout and never regretted starting. I maintained a fairly slow cruising pace so as not to tire too quickly. My only goal was to finish. My best friend did the first part with me, which made the course more fun. I was very good on the climbs, but I was more apprehensive on the descents because I had injured my ankle in May. Finally, I cashed them well! I managed this race well on all levels (diet, rest, hydration, etc.), I enjoyed it, I hesitate to do it again for fear that it won't go as well! I was lucky because 1 month before some friends offered me a workout and plyo cycle which allowed me to finish “rather fresh”!

A: Where do you get your motivation for your sporting challenges?
C: I don’t know! Certainly a big demand on myself and a bit of my ego no doubt! If I don't set goals, I tend to let myself go too much!

A: How did your interest in micronutrition begin?
C: Thanks to Denis Riché who took care of me during my overtraining.

A: You're not just a great sportswoman. Tell us a little about your career as a nutritionist!
C: I obtained my BTS Dietetics in 2009, during which I did an internship at Efficium where I sympathize with the director! Then for 4 years, I joined Phytolis, a distributor of micronutrition and herbal medicine products as a medical representative and pharmacy trainer. And, since the end of 2016, I have worked as an independent nutritionist at Efficium. I work with athletes through Algorigin but also through Run & Sens, a training center. I also write Health articles for the Zanatura website.

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A: What are the main reasons people come to see you as a nutritionist?
C: Because I'm super cool! Without laughing, it's true that contact goes well with the patients and they feel that I am not there to frustrate them or make them follow an unsustainable diet.

A: How do you assess a patient’s needs? How does a session with you work?
C: During an initial 1.5 hour meeting, I take a history of the patient's overall health. I take measurements of fat mass, dry mass, water, water balance… and above all I listen. It is essential to know their objective on the one hand but also to understand their personality a little and find the right levers to support them in their change.
Then we meet again several times with varying degrees of spacing between meetings, possibly after having carried out specific biological analyses.

A: What is your tip for getting your patients to progress?
C: Positive manipulation! The word can be scary but it shouldn't be. By playing on interests and motivations, patients have much less difficulty following their program.

A: What do you like best about your job?
C: Talk to people and help them feel better about themselves.

A: Tell us a little about your next projects!
C: Learn to be wise!
And maybe a UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc), naturopathy and yoga training. Take pleasure in leisure sport and climb without fear of heights! And also, Mont Blanc via the Bionassais ridge, the giant's tooth, the Matterhorn.
A wedding in India! Not mine but a great party in perspective.
A surf trip to Indonesia!

A: Do you follow a specific nutritional plan yourself?
C: Yes, I eat according to my emotional hormones! I apply what I offer to patients according to my needs. I cook a lot.

A: What are your best eating tips/feel good tips?
C: Quit alcohol first!

A: Which Algorigin products have you already tested?
C: Your spirulina

A: What do you think are the benefits of algae?
C: They only contain good things! All vitamins and minerals except vitamin C, and all amino acids. And, they have plenty of other resources. They are complete and perfect in the care of an athlete.

A: Have you seen any particular improvements in your daily life since taking seaweed?
C: I will respond when I have tested more algae!

A: How do you prefer to eat seaweed?
C: In capsule with a glass of water. Simple and quick!

A: Do you have a seaweed recipe to share with us?
C: Mackerel with seaweed tartare to spread on good gluten-free bread.


– Her age: 30 years old (Born on 07.31.87)
Family: 2 older brothers aged 37 and 35
Sport: Cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, ski touring, climbing, running
Job: Micronutritionist dietician
– You in 3 words: Spontaneous, caring, “nature painting”!

– Prize list:

  • 2004: French double pursuit champion in cross-country skiing
  • Between 2004 and 2006: several European Cups in cross-country skiing including 2 places in the top 20.
  • 2009: French hopeful mountain race champion
  • 2014: 1st of the 23 km of the trans'ju trail.
  • 2014-2015: Triathlon
  • 2016: 4th in the trail des fiz (70 km) and 25th in the mont blanc marathon
  • 2016: Some team victories in short multisport raid (over 1-2 days) with friends
  • 2017: Finisher of the CCC in 18h46
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