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Interview Lauwrence Laughery

A great meeting!

Trail runner and social educator, Lawrence Laughery joined our ambassador team this year!

Recently injured, he tells us about his journey and his recovery program.

Algorigin: Tell us your story, where are you from?

Lawrence: Of American origin, I was born in Vevey and grew up in Villars-sur-Ollon in the canton of Vaud. My parents raised my brothers and me in an idyllic setting for outdoor activities. Since a young age, I have felt comfortable with technical mountain trails. As a teenager, I took a step back from sport and nature only to return to it a few years later when a lack set in within me. Four years ago, I slowly got back into running and two years later I discovered the discipline of “trail running”. Today, I am part of the Swiss Compressport team.

A: What personality traits or physical abilities do you think are most important for a trailer?

L: Trail running is an exciting, demanding and strategic discipline. It is open to anyone wishing to experience an adventure and push their limits. However, there are important elements to know before setting off. You have to like being alone sometimes and have the will to fight with yourself. Succeeding in linking our physical abilities and our mind is a challenge and requires deep self-knowledge. Good training and muscular strength will take us far, but a strong mind will take us even further. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and nutritional needs allows for an optimal strategy for successful running. It goes without saying that love for the mountains, nature and respect for volunteers as well as our competitors is part of the trail runner spirit.

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A: You recently had an accident, would you like to tell us about it?

L: During a long outing training, I tripped while going downhill and caught myself with my right leg extended. I stayed for a good half hour waiting for first aid. I fractured my fibula and tibial plateau but I saved my cruciate ligaments. They quickly operated on me and inserted a plate with screws to straighten the tibia and return it to its correct height. I have to end my 2019 season and wait until September to be able to hit the trails again.

A: Can you tell us about your recovery? What are you doing to get back into shape as quickly as possible?

L: One of the first things I thought about for optimal recovery was my nutrition. I know the power of food and with my nutritionist, we have established a recovery plan with the foods to favor. I use Algorigin micro nutrition to complete this program. I am taking a course of organic AFA Klamath , known to repair the body by releasing stem cells. I continue to take organic Spirulina and a course of Spirulina Elixir for an energy boost. I rest a lot, I accept the injury, I digest and I move forward as best I can. The injury is an adventure parallel to a race: I am delighted to cross the finish line but I will remember the journey experienced since I left the starting line. It's the emotional elevator, there are ups and downs, joy and frustration but I always move forward, morale is present.

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A: Have you felt the effects of the algae?

L: I have been supplementing my diet with Algorigin algae for over a year. However, I did it randomly at the beginning and my intake was not very regular. Since I met Pauline Nouvellet, the Algorigin micronutritionist, I have had a detailed plan with the algae to favor before, during and after exercise. Today I feel more energetic, more alert and the recovery is shorter. It is important to remember that dietary supplementation does not replace a good basic diet.

A: How did you find out about Algorigin?

L: I knew Algorigin thanks to Diego Pazos, a Swiss ultra trail runner. I already knew the virtues of spirulina but the one I took before was not of such good quality. I was especially looking for a Swiss brand, respectful of the environment and I found what I was looking for with Algorigin. The team is great and we share common values!

A: What messages do you want to send to athletes who don't yet know Algorigin?

L: When I discuss seaweed supplementation with other athletes, I am regularly told: “ I prefer to eat well and nourish myself correctly so as not to have to take food supplements ”. I understand this thought pattern and I completely agree with it. However, we have reached a stage where this is not enough. Our agricultural land produces food with a lower nutritional content (iron, magnesium, amino acids, vitamin D, omega 3, etc.). The production method also plays a determining role in the quality of the products. Natural food supplementation is a response to this problem. This goes beyond sporting performance, it's giving your body what it needs. It's natural, it's not doping and no addiction is created.


– His age: 27 years old
- Swiss nationality
– Sport: Trail

– You in 3 words: Determined, big-hearted and conscientious

– Family: Two brothers, Vincent 31 years old and Alexandre 30 years old. Gregory and Elisabeth, my parents.

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