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Interview Maxime Grenot

Maxime Grenot has always been a sportsman who, tired of “going in circles” on the athletics tracks, preferred to hang up his spiked shoes to switch to trail running shoes. Physiotherapist and soon osteopath, he uses his knowledge of physiology, mainly in sports, to recommend our products to his patients.

If you usually run around Annecy, you may have already come across it! Follow us to learn more about him.

Algorigin: Tell us a little about your journey! Where are you from ? Where did you go to school, university?

Maxime: I come from a small village in the Vosges. I did a Scientific Baccalaureate in a small high school in the Vosges. Then the Free University of Brussels to obtain a Master's degree in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. I then followed up with a diploma in osteopathy which I will finish next year. At the same time, I completed several certifications based on scientific studies (dry needling, neurodynamics, runner's clinic, reathletics and muscle strengthening, shoulder rehabilitation, etc.) which I use to best treat my patients.

A: When and how did you discover trail running?

M: I came to trail running quite naturally actually. I went through the athletics box, but I was tired of going in circles on the track. So I went for the mountain running format which appealed to me much more…and the logical next step was trail running!

A: Did you play other sports when you were little?

M: During my middle school/high school years I was a bit of a jack of all trades. I did a bit of all the team sports, but in the end I stuck to running.

A: What are your favorite places for trail running?

I have a lot... Les Bauges, Les Aravis... but as I live on the shores of Lake Annecy, I'm going to say that the peaks with a view of the lake are still great spots.

A: What is the fondest memory of your career as a trail runner?

M: I don't particularly have one in mind, I enjoy winning or having a good result when my parents are present at the race. But if I had to name some, I would say the Grand Trail du Lac in Aix-les-Bains and the CimasaRun in Réunion recently.

A: For someone who doesn’t know trail running, how can you explain the charm of running ultra trails?

M: Trail running already means being surrounded by nature, you feel free... You find motivation by looking up and looking around you. When you have crazy landscapes, you don't want to go home! And the atmosphere is often super friendly on the trail, whether you're first or last, you're happy to go have a beer at the finish with your friends!

A: You are not only a great athlete. Tell us a little about what you do on the side!

M: At the same time I work as a physiotherapist (soon physiotherapist because I am going to work in Geneva in a sports clinic at the end of the year). It's my second passion, and I even think I'm more demanding of myself at work than in my trail running.

A: What do you like best about your job?

M: The relationship with my patients! I have a lot of athletes in care, and it's always a challenge to get them back on their feet as quickly as possible and especially in good conditions!

A: Any advice for managing on all fronts?

M: I would say that you have to know how to set aside time slots, whether for work or training. Do not mix the two. And thinking about recuperating, it seems that work is tiring?

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A: This year your trail season was interrupted by a sprained ankle, but lately we see you back on top on the podium – How did you manage to recover so quickly?

M: This year it's true that my first half of the season was difficult... I slipped on a patch of ice on my restart race in March. It took me 15 days to recover from it...the next race, I sprained my ankle badly, then I followed it up with bone edema in my femur by hitting the edge of a small wall while sliding on a muddy trail… It was frustrating because I was in great shape, I had been studious all winter, and I injured myself at the wrong time…

I managed to recover quickly because I didn't stop training! You can always find a way to stay in shape, and during this period, my bike has been my best friend!

Of course the return to the race was complicated, but I held my back and tried to be patient... The injury is part of the life of the athlete, the most complicated and to accept it, to do not become demotivated and put in place effective treatments to resume correctly.

On this point, Algorigin products had a great importance in my rapid recovery, of that I am convinced.

A: What are your best tips for recovering as quickly as possible after a race?

M: The best recovery is sleep! Then come the little things that make the difference: food supplements (thanks Algorigin) diet, massage etc…

A: Why is Algorigin and you a good equation?

M: Algorigin is my Ally! Honestly, I don't think I'll ever live without Algo again. I am fully satisfied with it, whether in terms of the products or the exchanges with the different people who work there. It's simply the BEST!

A: What are the advantages for you of taking algae-based food supplements?

M: I see several advantages: we avoid deficiencies, we recover better, less fatigue, fewer muscle injuries…

A: How important is your diet to you? Do you follow a special nutritional plan?

M: Food has always been important to me, I really care about it. I don't like to eat anything!

And now that Celia Karleskind has given me a great eating plan, everything is going well! This allows me to maintain a healthy weight and no longer make the mistakes I made in the past.

A: Since you have been following Algorigin, have you noticed any improvements in your daily life?

M: I try to remain objective when answering this question!

I tell my patients or runner friends every day, since I started with Algorigin, I have seen a real change! In a positive way of course!

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A: What are your next goals and upcoming projects?

M: On a sporting level, the next objectives will be to have fun in the end-of-season races after finishing 2nd in the Over The Mountain Salomon challenge. The form is there, so I will try to do some good races to make up for the first part of the season disrupted by injuries.

On a professional level it will be a good start to my work as a sports physiotherapist in Geneva.


– His age: 29 years old
French nationality
Sport: Trail running
Family: 2 great brothers and 2 sisters and great parents!
Profession: Physiotherapist (osteopath in June 2019)

– Prize list:

  • Podiums in French mountain running championships (cadet, hopeful)
  • Selection for the French Junior mountain running team
  • Victories on different trails
  • 11th at the 2017 French Long Trail Championships

– You in 3 words: Simplicity, rigor, humor

Geneva, July 2018

Photo credit: Thomas Vigliano

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