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Meeting with Angélina from Activhandi . A fighting and smiling woman who tested Algorigin algae! Discover his journey and his feedback:

Algorigin: Can you introduce yourself and tell us about Activhandi in a few words?

Angélina: My name is Angélina PERGOD, I am 28 years old, I am disabled following a spinal cord injury.
I am co-founder of Activhandi alongside Florian Vallet and Franck Collongues.
Activhandi is a social platform that connects people with reduced mobility and disabilities to a range of sports and leisure activities adapted to their needs.
I am particularly responsible for the animation of communities within Activhandi.

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A: How was Activhandi born?

Angélina: The creation of Activhandi was born from my experience and that of Florian. We were passionate about mountains and sporting activities, and together we shared a passion for hiking, handiskiing, and water sports.

In addition, we are volunteers in a disabled-leisure association whose objective is to share the pleasures of the mountains with people with disabilities. This common experience allowed us to see that the demand for services for people with disabilities is strong but that a connector with the offer was missing.

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A: What is the objective of Activhandi?

Angélina: We want to make areas accessible to people with disabilities and highlight the mountains.
We want to encourage them to do an activity and get out of the house to avoid isolation.
Indeed, thanks to ActivHandi it is possible to geolocate places of practice and cultural events adapted to people with disabilities.

A: How did you find out about Algorigin?

Angélina: ActivHandi benefits from the support of the European Outdoor Sports Valley cluster. We are located at Annecy Base Camp in the same premises as Algorigin.
We discovered healthy algae and the brand's philosophy in this professional context.

A: What healthy algae have you already tested?

Angélina: I supplement with spirulina granules following the team's advice.
I am happy to have discovered the power of Spirulina on my body.
I quickly felt the beneficial effects.
The brand offers quality seaweed that tastes good!


- French nationality

– Angélina in 3 words: Positive, Fighting and smiling

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