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Chlorella, also called chlorella, is a single-celled green algae grown in fresh water. Just like spirulina, it is rich in vitamins, iron, minerals, proteins and trace elements but has the particularity of being very concentrated in chlorophyll .

Used for thousands of years in Japan, it is today for them a food of national interest for health and its nutritional value.

Chlorella is recognized by health professionals for its high bioavailability, its high absorption by the body and its role as a "Superfood".

At the time of preparation, the cell membrane of the algae is opened following a patented process in order to offer a digestibility rate greater than 80% while preserving the acidic principles of the micronutrients.

Organic chlorella is rich in vitamin B12, which makes it a supplement of choice for people wishing to supplement their daily nutritional intake, such as vegans, vegetarians or people with low meat consumption.

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