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The plant-based alternative to iron supplementation

Spirulina naturally enriched with iron is a plant-based alternative to iron supplements to combat iron deficiency.

Why spirulina enriched with iron?

The absorption rate of plant iron from iron-enriched spirulina is equivalent to that of red meat , it is highly assimilable.

Spirulina enriched with iron covers, at the indicated doses, 93% of the recommended daily intake. This iron intake is particularly well tolerated and presents no adverse effects (constipation, intestinal pain, nausea, etc.) often attributed to usual allopathic treatments.

Spirulina also carries proteins, vitamins, minerals and pigments such as beta carotene (pro vitamin A), vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium, etc.

We then benefit from all the benefits of algae to fight against fatigue.

Blue algae enriched with iron allows you to recharge your batteries in the long term.

The benefits of iron-enriched spirulina

The iron in enriched spirulina is easily absorbable by the body (at levels equivalent to those in red meat).

The benefit of iron supplementation has been demonstrated. Iron contributes:

  • to normal cognitive function.
  • to normal energy metabolism.
  • normal transport of oxygen in the body
  • normal functioning of the immune system.
  • to reduce fatigue.
  • normal cognitive development of children

Spirulina enriched with iron, for whom?

Iron supplementation is recommended for:

  • Treating iron deficiency
  • Prevent iron deficiency in populations most at risk:
  • Adolescent girls, from the first period while they are still growing
  • Women who have previously been iron deficient
  • Athletes: destruction of red blood cells + micro-loss of blood due to muscle microlesions.
  • Vegetarians or vegans whose diet excludes red meat, the main source of heme iron
  • Women who have heavy periods
  • Women who wear a copper IUD responsible for heavy blood loss
  • Pregnant women due to maternal blood expansion and increased requirements for fetal development

Iron deficiency can be strongly suspected in a person at risk presenting symptoms of iron deficiency or through a biological assessment (ferritinemia < 30 µg/L).

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